Bespoke Post Box Page Redesign


Bespoke Post Box Page Redesign

Bespoke Post is a subscription box company geared towards guys. Each month, 10–12 (sometimes more) brand new boxes are launched. Oftentimes, the purpose of a box is either to introduce a new experience to the user (bread making, scrimshaw carving, and champagne sabering, to name a few); or to make a high-quality product that would normally be expensive, more accessible (each box is a flat price of $45).

Because each box has a unique theme, and may not be a well-known “experience”, it gets its own webpage on the BP website. The purpose of the box page is to show off the contents of the box, explain how to use the items, and give a little background on the brand or maker of the product.


What I Did:
Web Design


The Challenge:

The old box pages were copy-heavy, awkward to navigate, and were visually…lacking. On top of that, they were also super long and required lots of scrolling.

In short, we needed to find a way to make the box page experience more exciting and enticing, while ensuring the very basic, most important information wasn’t getting lost or overlooked.

device side by side.png

The Solution: Say less, show more.

To achieve this, we introduced an iconography system for quick, easily digestable information; beefed up the lifestyle photography and showed real guys (not models) using and interacting with the product(s); and cut down on copy, only writing what can’t be shown through photography or illustration.


Over half of our customers use the website on their phones, so it was essential that the mobile experience be intuitive and easy to use.


On Mobile

A horizontal image carousel, slightly larger buttons, and a collapsable information section are a few elements that work together to keep the mobile experience concise and easy to use on the go.

side by side screens.png

Creative team: Katie Tully, Malissa Smith
Product team: Nick Paradise, Pete Posen
Dev team: Jared Hale, Joanne Yae