Handsome Brook Farm


Handsome Brook Farm

Named after Handsome Brook's founder, Betsy’s Pasture Raised Eggs raises the bar for conventional eggs everywhere. Betsy's takes a modern approach to traditional farming methods by building a unique supply network of small family farms that offer their hens, farmers, and consumers a good deal.


What I Did:
Logo design
Packaging design
Hand lettering


The Challenge

Handsome Brook Farm approached Madwell to redesign their Betsy's packaging—the existing packaging was outdated and unappetizing and in need of a major update. Handsome Brook wanted the new packaging to serve as a clear and simple way to educate consumers about common egg farming practices, and communicate how and why their eggs were superior.


The Solution

What we landed on is a bright, colorful, unique egg carton that educates consumers using simple tools like a Quality of Life Scale and a "square footage" seal; reflects Handsome Brook Farm's values; and stands out on the grocery store shelves.


Educational Elements

The Quality of Life scale illustrates the differences between certain farming methods, and educates the consumer on how pasture raised provides the best quality of life for the hens.

Surprise and Delight

Thoughtful details in unexpected places give even the most mundane elements a sense of charm.


Expanding to Social

We expanded the refreshed design direction across HBF's social channels using bright, clean, and colorful photography to catch the eye, and taking an opportunity to continue to educate the followers about eggs (beyond the carton).


Creative Direction: Conor Birney / Photography: Chris Talamo / Executed at Madwell