Madwell Holiday Gift


Madwell Holiday Gift

After a year full of highs, lows, and unfortunate happenings (to put it lightly), Madwell decided to turn to the stars for some guidance as we moved into the new year. We figured our clients were feeling the same way, so we crafted a special kit full of lucky trinkets, talismans, and positive affirmations to conjure good luck and good fortune in 2017. 


What I Did:
Concept Development
Art Direction
Project Management
Icon design
Box assembly


What's in the Box:

• 1 Magic-8 ball
• 1 bottle of Prophecy Potion (booze)
• 1 pair of lucky dice
• 1 2017 calendar
• Lots of good juju


It's all in the details

It was crucial that the gift boxes truly felt hand-crafted, so putting a personal touch on each and every component of the gift box was all but required. Thoughtful details like a thick letter-pressed card and a custom wax seal for the boxes really brought our vision to life.


Designed and produced in collaboration with Allison Supron and Lenora Rigoni / Copy: Johanna Buch and Cecily Rus
Photography: Chris Talamo / Executed while at Madwell